18 Jun Nooksack Falls

Nooksack Falls, one of the most frequented waterfalls in all of the Northern Cascades, is located near Mount Baker, off Highway 542, about seven miles from Glacier. Highway 542 is a treasure trove of day trips offering several epic alpine hikes such as Skyline Divide, Hannegan Pass, Peak, Heather Meadows, and the other-worldly Artist Point Overlook at the end of the highway, standing in the shadow of Mount Baker.
When we first discovered Nooksack Falls, I frankly wasn’t expecting much. But what a surprise. It’s not so much the height, 88 feet, that impresses, it’s the power and the volume of the water rushing and roaring over the split segments of rock that makes the heart beat just a bit faster. It was exhilarating to witness. From a protected vantage point behind a safety fence you get a great bird’s-eye view of the Falls and the steep drop down to the North Fork of the Nooksack River, which intersects here with Wells Creek.
So if you are headed up this way to Artist Point or Heather Meadows, don’t pass up this chance to see the unforgettable power of wild water.